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A Place where Patients and Professionals work together
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Great Services
Parent of 4 year old: Great website to find detailed information. One of the best sites I have ever been for Autism and Naturopathic information. Good job, keep it up

Client Satisfaction
A.S wrote:This is very informative and educational website. The content is reflective of the care you take of your patients. Keep up the good work

About Us

Dr. Garima Jain, ND, CNC

Dr. Garima Jain is a board certified American Alternative Medical Practitioner. She is a Doctor of Naturopath (ND), Certified Nutrition Consultant (CNC) and founder of the innovative practice, Global Naturopath. She integrates the finest aspects of the Complementary and Alternative approaches to the health and well being of each patient.

Dr. Jain is a strong believer that the foundation of good health is a wholesome and nutritious diet. She stresses the importance of nutrients and their impact on the overall lifestyle, mind, body, and spirit/energy of her patients. While nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathy and aromatherapy are utilized, the emphasis lies on the diet and dietary planning which helps stimulate the inner healing of the individual.

Children with Special Needs: Dr Jain specializes in dietary and nutrition counseling for clients with special needs, specifically children with Autism and other developmental disabilities. In addition to treating children, she educates and consults with parents regarding health, as she strongly contends that healthy parents can make healthy children. Dr. Jain helps families identify and reach their individual health and wellness goals. Parents are given shopping lists that provide healthy food options and list tips for preparing quick and healthy meals for the family.

She lectures parents and professionals, both locally in the state of New Jersey and world-wide, on the importance of nutrition and its role in a child’s learning, behavior and health.  In addition, Dr. Jain is an active member of various non-profit organizations dedicated to helping families and children with special needs.

Dr. Annette Cartaxo, M.D, F.A.A.P

Dr. Cartaxo is a board certified pediatrician who is the Vice Chief of Pediatrics at Newton Memorial Hospital in Newton, New Jersey. She is a Developmental/Behavioral pediatrician who for many years incorporated nutritional medicine in her practice, especially those children with special needs. She is a strong supporter and member of The American College of Nutrition and frequently lectures on the positive impact wholesome nutrition plays on individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder. She has co-authored chapters in a text book written for primary care physicians entitled "Foods and Nutrients in Disease Management" and has written several journals on nutritional medicine.

Dr. Annette Cartaxo and Dr. Garima Jain have joined forces in lecturing and writing about nutritional interventions which are helpful especially for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities. They both have co-authored the book titled “Healing Autism in the Kitchen,” a unique resource focusing on the healing aspects of a healthy diet, with specific emphasis on oral motor difficulties in children with autism spectrum and developmental disorders. Dr. Cartaxo is serving patients through Dr. Jain’s practice in an advisory capacity.


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