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Great Services
Parent of 4 year old: Great website to find detailed information. One of the best sites I have ever been for Autism and Naturopathic information. Good job, keep it up

Client Satisfaction
A.S wrote:This is very informative and educational website. The content is reflective of the care you take of your patients. Keep up the good work


Nutritional Approach to Autism

"Beneficial Dietary Interventions For Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder”

  • Relationship between Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Gut
  • Diet and Dietary Planning
  • Dietary Interventions: Benefits seen in children with Immune and Cognitive system Impairments
  • Gluten and Casein Free Diet (GFCF Diet)
  • How to Implement GFCF Diet?
  • Common mistakes seen when implementing GFCF Diet.
  • Nutritional Supplements to be considered.
  • Nutritional Food Substitutes to consider when implementing GFCF diet.
  • Negative and Positive reactions parents can expect when child is on GFCF diet

Location: 219 WALL STREET · PRINCETON, NJ 08540

Date: March 26, 2009


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